"25 years care for a mental health" – 2017

The project was implemented by the Association "Chovekolubie", Bulgaria.

The project activities included an international scientific-applied conference "Bio-Psycho-Social Applications of Chess", a chess match with "living figures" and creating of an international organization.

More than 70 people from Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Poland, USA, Bulgaria participated, united by their interests of the game of chess and it application in various spheres of life - education, sports, medicine, social rehabilitation, psychotherapy, scientific research.

"Chess as an Add-on Therapy against Substance Use Disorder" – 2018 – 2020

The project examines the impact that chess has on cognitive impairment in addicted patients. It is an initiative of Prof. Dr. Sabine Vollstaedt-Klein, a researcher at the Central Institute for Mental Health at the Heidelberg University in Germany.

It working towards proving the hypothesis that chess has a special potential to exercising and strengthening cognitive control and the ability to abstinence, also on decision-making skills.

Chess as a complementary therapy to other standard therapies of disorders from the use of psychoactive substances, may lead to improved therapeutic results.

The project is implemented jointly with the Spanish Chess Club "Magic". Its chairman, the psychologist Juan Antonio Montero, has developed chess tasks to enhance patients' cognitive skills.